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Benefits & Ingredients

100% Natural, Whole Super food Antioxidants

Tieman’s Fusion Coffees™ contains Goodness You Can't Taste:

  • 5 times more antioxidants than a cup of green tea
  • 4 times more antioxidants than a serving of Blueberries
  • 3 times more antioxidants than glass of Pomegranate juice
  • 4 times more antioxidants than Dark Chocolate

Nothing artificial, no extracts. Our Fusion Process “locks in” more coffee flavor and a big portion of healthy benefits, all in a great tasting cup of coffee. Taste is very important. It had to taste great, not just be great for you. At Tieman’s we carefully select our fusion ingredients for superior taste, aroma, and superior health benefits. And because we use 100% Natural Whole Superfood Antioxidants, there are many additional health benefits.

  • Coffee Beans

    100% Premium select Arabica beans, fused with our 100% Natural Whole Super Foods: Matcha, Goji, and Rooibos, in our patent pending "Fusion Process" delivers incomparable smoothness, and rich, full-bodied flavor. Medium, Medium Decaf, Semi Dark, and Dark.

  • Matcha

    The Ceremonial Japanese Green Tea, shade grown in select regions of Japan. Hand picked and slowly stone ground to preserve the antioxidants and nutrients which are 100 times greater than any steeped green tea.

  • Goji

    The super food of the Himalayas, and Buddhist lore. The Goji Berry, an amazing super food, loaded with antioxidants and rare minerals, known for sustaining high energy and endurance, it is also called the happy berry.

  • Rooibos

    The herbal “Red Tea” from South Africa – exotic and wild. Dutch settlers discovered what the native people of South Africa have known for centuries, that Rooibos possesses amazing health properties.

Wellness in a Cup


          An 8oz. cup of Tieman's Fusion Coffee provides the human body with 5 times the daily requirement for antioxidant protection. More than a marketing term, Antioxidants are critical for the support of normal heart, brain, digestive and immune system function (see test results).

          Unlike any coffee, Tieman's provides a Low, Slow and Steady release of natural caffeine's from coffee and tea that deliver a Smooth, Clean Energy. Many customers experience a sustained energy of 5-7 hours.

          Additionally, Tieman's Fusion Coffee helps the body to maintain a balanced ph due to our Low Acid Coffee.




When we say we're better for you we mean it. Our coffees have been tested numerous times by the authority on antioxidant values, Brunswick Labs. We know that their third party validation is important to you as well as us.

We scored a 17,300 on the ORAC scale for a single cup of coffee, following the FDA's guidelines. We posted the lab results in the PDF, but it's not as interesting as the numbers are. And because we do it with whole, natural superfoods, there are plenty of other benefits besides the antioxidants.


Certificates available upon request - see Contact us.

Independent research describes the potential benefits of antioxidants and the broad spectrum of other identified properties of our natural super-foods: Matcha, Rooibos and Goji.


Rooibos Study I   Rooibos Study II   Rooibos Study III   Matcha Research   Matcha Green Tea Research   Green Tea and Milk

Goji Research

You will need Adobe Reader to view these documents. It's free and only takes a few minutes to install. Macintosh, Windows and UNIX versions are available.

Can't open the PDF file? You can download the file instead. Right-click the file you want to view and click 'Save Link As' to download it.

Giving Back


Live2Free exists to challenge a generation to make personal choices that recognize the dignity of the individual and the responsibility of consumers to slow the demand that drives modern day slavery; and to network with others to rescue, rebuild and restore broken lives of victims worldwide.

The Tieman's Way

Recommended serving size: 2 rounded tablespoons of Fusion Coffee for each 6 oz. of cold water, adjust for personal taste.

Storage: Coffee is a tropical fruit and likes to be stored at room temperature. Simply push out excess air and seal the bag with a clip or tie and store at ambient (room) temperature.

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